Tips & Tricks


Custom print with Java Jacket® is the perfect way to show off your logo and get brand recognition when the drinks are on-the-go. We offer up to 6 colors on our matte white, natural kraft paper, or glossy claycoat paper.


Java Jackets® are a great source for ad space and name branding. Put your logo, contact information, directions, or words of wisdom on your custom printed Java Jacket®.


Co-branding with other companies or organizations builds business and gives you more opportunities for customer viewership. Use your Java Jacket® as ad space for your partnerships by placing their logo and information on the sleeve.


Organize your drink orders with custom check boxes or reward returning customers with punch boxes to a free drink. Or, why not include both? Our in-house design team can help you create your multi-functional Java Jacket®.


Get the most out of your Java Jackets® by adding coupons to them. Your sleeves don’t just have to be one time products. Keep your customers coming back by adding a promotional feature to your custom printed sleeve.


Keep track of inventory or direct ad traffic using barcodes and QR codes. QR codes can be scanned by smart phones to direct customers to a webpage or contact information.

Need to generate a QR code? Click Here!


We have a variety of ways that we can print your Java Jacket®!

  • We use Pantone™ Coated & Uncoated Color Bridge Inks for rich, vibrant, consistent printing.
  • Our sleeves are able to be printed with full bleeds.
  • We print multiple Java Jackets® at a time! Want up to 4 different Java Jackets® per case? Ask us about “mixed cases!”
  • Yes, we do have a white ink available for our Natural Kraft Java Jackets®.
  • Unfortunately, we do not offer Pastel or Flourescent Pantone™ inks. Metallic inks are available.
  • If you are working in Adobe Illustrator™ and using black as a color, assign it as 0%C 0%M 0%Y 100%K. This is preferred over Rich CMYK Black. Our black Pantone™ ink is very rich and dark.
  • Lighter colors with lots of yellow may not show up well or blend in to our Natural Kraft paper. Light greens, light browns, and light yellows can appear darker or blend in too much with the paper. Reds, blues and darker colors, however, look fantastic!
  • Picky about colors? We offer color matching and can order swatches to make sure that you get the look you want! Contact us for more info.
  • To print gradients, we use halftone screens. Halftone screens print as tiny dots to give the illusion of a gradient color.
  • Halftone screens are also used to achieve opacity in an ink color. This can help you achieve a multi-colored look of a sleeve, without adding an additional ink to the printing process. Ask us for more information.